We are a Dublin based company. We pride ourselves on being the country’s No 1 dry dashing/pebble dashing company.


About Drydashing.ie

Drydashing.ie is a Dublin based company.  We pride ourselves on being the country’s No 1 dry dashing / pebble dashing company. Dry dashing is an excellent modification to any home.  Dashed walls look great, are maintenance free and offer life-long durability against all weather conditions.

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The design consultation allows customers to talk to our experts, and select the combination of pebble dashing stones and colors to best suit their property and the surrounding area. This consultation is performed on site, free of charge and carries absolutely no obligation. At this stage, we will also take the time to survey what will be needed at our end, so that we can give an estimation, in hours, of how long the job will take, and an equally accurate estimation of the final cost.

We use only the best quality pebble dashing materials, sourced locally form Irish suppliers based in Dublin. Our cement mixture is comprised of a careful blend of white sand, cement and white lime. Waterproofer is also added to this mixture, as standard. We typically use a white underlying cement, but waterproof dye can also be added, if required. Our long-standing relationship with Irish suppliers, ensure you get the best prices and most prompt delivery. We take care of all deliveries, and arrive on site with the materials.

Preparation begins by laying a polythene tarpaulin over the surrounding ground area. Our certed scaffolders then erect the supporting infrastructure needed to ensure the cementing and dashing are performed smoothly, with no interruptions. Next, the cement is mixed on site with a portable cement mixer. Finally, before applying the cement, we sparrow-pack the entire wall. Sparrow-packing is a process to ensure maximum fixation of the cement – using an angle-grinder or a jack-hammer we bore an even grid of small holes into the existing paintwork, to allow the cement to set to the underlying concrete wall.

The application process requires a meticulous combination of skill, timing and teamwork. All cement must be applied in one smooth continuous application, to avoid striping or patching. Then, once the cement is applied to the wall, it must be dashed with pebble dashing stones within 15 minutes to ensure that the stones stick. The process requires a team of tradespeople working in perfect synchrony, where one proceeds with applying the cement, followed closely by a dasher.

Once the pebble dash is complete, our technicians safely remove all scaffolding, tidy up the surrounding area and remove all scrap and debris. Once the area has been thoroughly swept, we use power-hoses to wash away the last of the remaining dust and particles and restore the building’s surrounding area to the condition in which we found it. We guarantee this full site clean-up on the same day as the completion of the pebble dashing. – See more at: http://drydashing.ie/services/#sthash.5BRWUVN5.dpuf